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Hi, I'm Julie

Welcome to Moons of Many.


Thanks for being here!  🌚  


I initially turned to astrology years ago to try and find some personal peace with my individual experience. As well as to make sense of the  friction filled times we are shifting through as a collective.


Discovering the guidance, symbolism and archetypes available through astrology, was like a balm for my soul.


It has helped me greatly in coming to accept my personal journey, my personality, my gifts and shortcomings.


Astrology has given me a container to honour and tend to my unfolding  self, and I'm delighted to share this with others.


It's my joy to witness the unique magic inherent in all of us by interpreting life through an astrological lens.


If you feel called to working with me, I  so look forward to connecting with you! 


I'm always happy to answer any questions you have. 


You can connect with me via my instagram or email me at 





  • Bachelor of Arts - English Literature and Art History - Mount Royal University

  • Mindbody Practioner - MindBodyFood Institute

  • Yogatherapist - Pacific Rim College

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner - AFPA


Additional courses:

  • Emotional freedom technique 

  • Solution focused therapy

  • Energy psychology

  • Astrology University - various courses

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (1 year of  part-time TCM school)

Other influences : 

Western, esoteric and taoist astrology, chakra theory, Jungian and post-Jungian psychology, developmental psychology,  archetypal studies, mythological studies, ancestral and functional health perspectives  

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