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Infuse Belonging

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Like vitamins for your soul, Infusions offer you energetic experiences through guided meditations. Infusions work by activating and prompting your sub-conscious mind to call forth qualities into your being, giving you a bodily experience of that energetic. Kind of like when you watch a movie and get the feels - Infusions allow you to subconsciously recreate energetic imprints of experiences. Whether you were left feeling disempowered, empty, bothered or negatively impacted in any way, it's possible these emotions are still held in your energetic field and affecting your experience today - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. By tuning into scenarios from our past - we can examine the emotions and beliefs surrounding it, and then using the power of our mind - create a new experience of it. Or, you can amplify positive imprints to further infuse qualities you wish to embody. Infusions are useful in helping you sensationally feel qualities that are missing in your experience or that you would like to experience in a new way. By having these direct experiences, your energetic system is weaving new energetic threads of this quality. In a more physical way, you are having a new neural experience - and thus having a new feeling experience. Infusions work to strengthen your energetic system overall, and are designed to help you feel more integrated and aligned.

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