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Mentoring Sessions

Element of You

Element of You mentoring sessions are available after you have had a natal birth chart reading - so we are both well acquainted with your chart and primary elemental energies !

These are the nuanced and nitty gritty sessions - where we can explore themes in your birth chart, dive into areas you are called to deepen, current transits, and really work in a more elemental and chakra based way with the energetics of your chart, so that your life can allow your energy to flow most optimally!


These sessions are designed to help you embody the life you want to live in a holistic way, bring balance to your system, and harmonize the dynamics in your energy field.


In these sessions, we can build out action plans, and create a container of accountability.


I draw from mindbody techniques, including tapping, breathe, reflective prompts and visualization - to give you powerful tools to find clarity, shift your energy and cultivate overall balance. 

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