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How Astrology + Mindbody Tools Support Transformation

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I strongly believe that pairing astrology with mindbody tools - is the most powerful combo for transformation.

1. Astrology VALIDATES your experience

Receiving an objective and tangible reflection of who you are - is immensely helpful in convincing you that your experience is valid - and that perhaps the urges, confusion, the 'unexcitement' and dread of so much is because it's not meant for you. Rather you've been conditioned and bought into the belief that you will be loved, safe, accepted and belong if you do and express XYZ and suppress what you desire and excel at which is ABC - even if you are profoundly miserable

2. Astrology gives you a SNEAK PEAK into karmic patterns you are here to evolve and master

This can help you untangle inner and outer dynamics - and learn new ways of integrating the energy FASTER, so that you can have a more harmonious experience sooner

3. Mindbody tools allow you to SHIFT and EMBODY energy efficiently and effectively

When you become aware of a pattern or energy - you can then begin to untangle and smooth out that energetic experience, and root the new energy in your body, priming your physiology with this new experience, and rewiring your neural pathways, projecting and living out a new experience


In a Cosmic Self Reading some of the things you discover are that you're an Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon and Aquarius Rising, with a Scorpio midheaven, and a Pisces North Node (I won't factor the house or aspects in here - but that is always considered as well!)

You share you've taken a career at a tech company, a very large corporation that does not necessarily align with your values, at the behest of other's visions, with no creative outlet, simply supporting others. You do monotonous, menial work, that does not challenge you. You are bored. Uninspired. And depressed. You work with folks that you would not describe as personally inspirational. You've felt stagnated in your career - yet have also realized that there is something to the security that keeps you here. You've felt drawn towards the arts and psychology - and have taken many side classes. You are considering pursuing more schooling, or figuring out a way to bring your passions into the real world. You have a lot of fears, doubt and uncertainty around making the wrong decision and financial insecurity. And simply, letting down your parents and the cultural paradigm of success. Or being perceived as too 'woo-woo'. You come from a very traditional family, with what you might consider strong puritanical values. It turns out your parent's are both earth signs.

Micro Astrology Breakdown

Your Aries sun describes your instinctive urges often towards creativity - and your natural leadership abilities. Suppressing this quality leads to depression.

Your Capricorn moon - describes your instinct towards taking a more 'stable' path towards security. But also clearly points out your need for meaningful accomplishment to feed your self esteem. You are looking for a clear path forward that can bring stability and happiness, that provides you with a tangible sense of accomplishment. You really need clarity in this area to feel secure.

Your Aquarius rising - describes the quirky genius part of you that wants to shine - the eclectic self that is here to bring something totally far-out into this world. You feel inauthentic, and like you are playing a fake role, and not tapping into your power.

Your Scorpio midheaven - describes how the culmination of your life's work is about diving DEEP - through research, often with a psychological bent, going down rabbit holes, investigating mysteries or studying occult work, and really, being deeply immersed and obsessed by your career. The admin tasks you are spending hours of your life at is not activating or awakening your potential at all. Plus, with the combo of your Aries sun and Scorpio midheaven - you undoubtedly contain reserves of charisma and magnetism - and you need to let this power and energy flow out of you or you will become unwell.

And with a Pisces north node - it's vital that you move towards exploring feelings, the arts, creativity, mysticism and spirituality, the more right-brained, subjective experiences, to feel uplifted, inspired and happy. You are taking on your more Virgo South Node qualities currently of being very left-brained, analytical, supportive, and overly detailed oriented doing uninspiring work - a sure ticket to keeping you feeling blah, uninspired, stuck and depressed - given that this is where energy is being moved out of your system. If it feels like an uphill battle it's because right now - it is.

Micro Mindbody Tools Breakdown

Knowing the backdrop of some points of one's astrology, you can begin to integrate mindbody tools into this on your own, or with support in a Root Support session:

1. Examine how your beliefs and conditioning are impacting what qualities of yourself you are living out:
  • On reflection, you realize you picked up that you won't succeed, be accepted, belong or be loved if you step up, and own your leadership qualities, share your many ideas, do something 'woo-woo' or 'artsy'

2. You decide you want to take a difference course - and shift these beliefs so you can embrace what feel is more aligned with your true nature - so you:
  • Choose new beliefs (I find belonging and am loved when I embrace my artistic side; It's safe for me to be a leader)

Aspects highlighted in your astrology reading can point to where you may have specific tensions - and you can more easily target these energies with this knowledge - like perhaps your sun is squaring Pluto - which makes stepping into your power feel more challenging than for someone with a Pluto trining their sun

3. You can then create rituals to somatically embody and wire in this new belief through things like:
  • Body dialogue

Get in touch with the experience of your sub-conscious mind. What happens in your body when you say it's safe for me to embrace my artistic side? What tension is brought up that needs to be heard, relieved and have needs met (do you need to explore safety around being seen ... what else... etc.)

  • Emotional freedom technique (tapping)

Deactives amygadala and hippocampus arousal that occurs when you encounter fear. Works to neutralize and clear negative emotions, lowering cortisol, to make space for new feelings and thoughts to take root. Like if you have fear around being seen and feeling vulnerable - you recall an experience as a child that brought up shame and tap through that experience until the charge is significantly decreased

  • Visualization

In a relaxed state, you can visualize giving yourself the experiences and conditions you need to create the feelings of a new belief, or shifting previous experiences that would suggest otherwise, which works to convince your subconscious mind that this belief is true. You may imagine your younger self having another experience around the shameful moment, feeling advocated for, being understood etc - and then create a future scenario where you are safe and celebrated being seen

  • Journalling

A practice that induces neuroplasticity and activates your pre-frontral cortex, reflective prompts or free-journaling can help you get in touch with core energies and desires, make plans, and ultimately help organize your brain and life. You can write down how not being seen and sharing yourself has impacted you, where you think it stems back from, and how you want to change this going forward, what you ideally visualize, and steps to take going forward, reminders etc.

  • Affirmations

Consciously interrupt old thought patterns, weakening old neural pathways and reinforcing the new belief to keep it top of mind, and to better direct and guide your behaviour - like it's safe for me to be seen

  • Breath work

Physiologically change the experience your body is having when reacting to a thought or feeling - and begin to create a new experience of safety and expansion around this new belief and feeling - you can draw up the feeling and then work on changing your breathe around it - often focusing on exhaling, or bringing breath to tense, contracted areas

  • Stop unaligned action

Identify what patterns of behaviour stemmed from this old belief. You get to make a plan to replace out-dated behaviour with something useful, like instead of watching hours of netflix, you commit to replacing some of that time with making art, noticing and catching what happens when you are not stop a behaviour, and practicing the other tools mentioned to interrupt the patterns

  • Take new aligned action

Organize and make a plan on what actions to take (and how to take them) take action, create steps, and implement an accountability and reward system. Like you will commit to buying art supplies, dedicate a space, and commit to half an hour of practice 5 days a week - if you do this for 1 week you will reward yourself with a cute pair of jeans you've been eyeing up

There is so much you can do - on your own! I will add more nuanced details and workshops on these tools overtime - stay tuned! However, in the meantime if you are feeling stuck - or have tried many things to no avail and are ready to move forward with more nuanced support and accountability, book a natal birth chart reading to get started, or a root support session to understand your self better, explore your beliefs, and practice rituals to shift energy. I'd love to connect!


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