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Libra Energy

Libra is possibly one of the most complex energies to navigate in my opinion, because it’s the turning point in the great wheel.

Libra is many things and this is really only a snippet of the vast energetic processes represented by Libra.

Libra is the doorway, between the personal and the collective signs. And as a cardinal air sign it initiates human connectivity, and dreams of a social ideal, bridging personal will with collective need. The scale associated with libra is macrocosmically weighing day against night, the conscious against the unconscious, the personal against the collective, the familial to the global, earth with sky, body with mind, embodied human life with the ethereal realms. It reveals what needs to shift, through attraction or disgust, and knows what fits together best.

Through peace or frustration. Through its fruit. It shows what needs to take on another proportional weight so that harmony can be experienced. It knows what needs to go. This entails compromise. An attempt to bring together, dissolve differences, and seek

out what is similar and resonant, and maybe even a little bit glamourous.

This is Romance. Personal romance, and cosmic Romance. To merge, alchemize, transform, which is where this energy is trying to move toward in Scorpio, there must be enough simpatico to meet, to linger. To want to become intimate with. And so, with Libra, it is a season of devotion towards. Whether to personal practices, to relational experiences, or to goals, it is a consistency forming, familiarizing energy, ordering, harmonizing, and restoring beauty to, as required.

Libra is the season of compromise, if there ever was one. Thus, also the season of letting go. Of what no longer fits. What can’t become exponentially, collectively more, yet ironically allows for another kind of more, through letting go.

This desire towards a depthy expansion, to move into intimacy with, even if it doesn’t entirely know what that entails yet, to become all, this is Libra. Yet the simplicity of self-hood still lingers. Perhaps like that autumnal golden leaf, so beautiful, but only able to be so because of its readiness to sacrifice itself to soil, but has not quite given fully of itself, to the all.

Practically speaking...

Check your people pleasing. And how’s your self love? What personal internal chaos is getting in the way of relationships? Where do you need to compromise, with yourself, with others? What social values do you want to align your life with? How ordered is your energy in moving towards actualizing your ideals? What demands your devotion?

Libra takeaways

ordering between parts towards greater function and social cohesion

self reordering equals self love equals relational ability equals compromise equals collaboration equals the possibility for merging, intimate vulnerable, alchemical fusion, rippling outwards into tangible collective transformation

  1. devotion towards

  2. ordering harmony

  3. merging together

  4. gathering together of parts

  5. alignment revealed through beauty


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