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New Moon in Aries Eclipse

This quote seems perfect for this Aries solar eclipse energy at 29 degrees:

A man must consider what rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ducks and Geese - Arthur Lismer

Ok so we are already in Taurus season. Technically the eclipse happened on April 20. 2023 at 12:12 am ET.

So the door has opened. But the more nuanced themes and energies of this specific eclipse will be lingering at large for the next 6 months, and will be presenting more Aries/Libra dynamics for the next 18 months, as this eclipse season kicks off a new Aries Libra eclipse progression.

Because we are on a new moon energetic - swimming in the archetypal, fresh out of the formless void that speaks more to endings, the eternal and spiritual - energetically speaking, we are keen to rush forth into form, and into tangible manifestation.

There can be some naïveté here - in terms of specifics - as there should be given the dark formless void we are just bobbing our head out of. So here we are - blindly grasping for a light switch, excited with ideas.

Also - it's spring! And right on the Aries/Taurus cusp, so frequency wise this energetic is already occurring. The eclipse will amplify and turn up the volume on this seasonal rendez-vous (if you take the the spring as a metaphorical and energetic equivalent of a new moon waxing as a whole ).

And this is the first Aries eclipse - (and Aries is the first zodiac sign) - in the first set of a new progression of eclipse energy, having just left the Tauran/Scorpion dynamic eclipses (not the first Aries eclipse ever just the first of a new set) - interestingly though the second Aries new moon (a rarity!).

All the while, solar wise we are swimming upstream into Taurus while lunar wise we're leaving, and are being pulled downwards as we officially enter a lunar nodal Aries in July.

A lot a lot is going on here amplification wise!

So again, energetically - this eclipse is really amplified by the season. The new moon to full moon dynamic very much speaks to life incarnate - manifestation, expansion, doing, materiality, the dynamics of our very human-y entangled life. Versus the full moon to new moon energetic - which has to do with a more inward, contractive, reflective, being, spiritual, dissolving into formlessness - oriented direction.

Aries eclipse with Sabian Symbolism:

At 29 degrees in Aries this is an extra potent and fiery solar eclipse. It marks the ending (and hence beginning) of a new cycle - a completion, a mastery. It’s a potent degree.

The Sabian symbol at Aries at 29 degrees Aries - Ducks on the Pond.

This ducks on the pond symbol and energetic - is a contrasting, and somewhat contracting point to the symbolism found at the previous Aries in 28 degrees. At 28, there is a sense of the individual merging with the vast cosmic-all (a Venusian flavour even) - singing in a choir.

The individualized self as part of and contributor to this harmonic whole that is much less young Aries in tone - more mature now. With the 28 - it’s about recognizing how listening to the most ‘personal innermost voice’ - is actually the most universal, and ironically - the most personal becomes the most universal, which can speak to and is received by 'all' - forging true connection - a yoking into a greater harmonic. The most self self tied to all.

Aries at 29 may feel anti-climatic to the experience of 28 - but it’s the beginning of a boundaried, focused, refined and contained, deep alchemical mission. That looks quite simple in nature?

Tuning into Ducks on the Pond as a now energy- the ducks are floating - but under the surface there is some frantic paddling - trying to stay afloat in this little pond.

There is something of a humbling energy here - although we are just dealing with a pond - it's still not the easiest it turns out. Yet we still want for that vast cosmic 'ocean' - for the grand harmonic choir. Let's be honest - can we handle that kind of force - those kinds of waves?

So literally - with this energy we can see this as getting our ducks in a row, so we can receive more, experience more - and give more in the way that we want to. So we can align more fully with our dharma (lunar north node as a flavouring energetic).

So pond wise. It's true - we need a small vessel to pour into. A little world to swim in and tend to. A place to make quant and our own. A place we can come to float on with ease.

A container of some capacity - defined - and there sure isn’t room for everyone to get in it. Boundaries - can be physical as well as mental! Boundaries can pertain to time, resources etc. What do we let in and what do we keep out - to keep the pond clean and suitable to swim in, to keep it calm. You need to do what you need to do to get what you are working towards.

And you need to pour and swim in, ideally float on, the microcosmic sampling of what it is you want to do / need to do / are called to do / called to transform in your little corner of the world. This is where you will do the work that you need to do. And - Aries in 29 reminds us that this is more than enough. It is spring and all will grow. Taurun wise - the small seeds bloom into bounty, the liminal becomes the numinous ~ with time.

But first - the numinous is born from smaller, graspable things. Everyday ordinary things. Habits, routine, behaviours. Mindsets that are supportive. Grounded in the tending to the little pond. Ensuring the ducks stay afloat. The oceanic universe is too big for us to work with. We need a small container. Taurun earth energy. Things slowed down, steadied. Stabilized. Dedication to the mission. Sure-footedness.

You can take time, observe, come into nuance, delegate. We can understand how to best use our resources to benefit ourselves (Aries) - and by benefiting ourselves we benefit others (Libra). This is how relationships can come become harmonic. And understanding that narrowing our fence, minding our shores - to perhaps eclipse the opinions of others, the needs of others over our own, the work of others - is necessary to achieve our outcome.

And in doing so - we can hopefully collectively release some of our more shadowy martyr energy - and free up individuals to take care of themselves!

Aries/Libra eclipse more generally:

Back to the larger Aries Libra theme: Where are we compromising our self for the group/collective? And Libra with her scales herself would point out that where you are compromising yourself for the group - that is unjust and not actually benefitting the group. That is out of balance.

Given that solar wise we are moving forward into Taurus season as lunar wise we are drawing to the end of a north nodal Taurus season - today, this cusp on the eclipse also highlights how the somewhat brute, and more raw Aries energy (much needed to actually push into and survive in the world) - can find more refinement - more usability, more stability and solidity - moving into Taurus (solar wise).

Likely, in some form, relational themes will emerge. Singling, mingling, partnerning - where ever you're at - what's coming up for you in terms of how you spend your time with others. And how are relationships nourishing you, fertilizing your growth, or maybe stagnating or even destroying it? What's being reflected back to you? What could be refined, solidified, steadied, amplified, enhanced?

Chakra dynamics

An eclipse in Aries also highlights the energetics of the the root chakra - as Mars - the ruler of Aries is associated with the root chakra. So all things that have to do with surviving, security, the body, drives, ego-desire, and belonging and the individual self. Mastering root chakra energy has to do with standing on your own two feet - really being able to support and regulate yourself.

If you want to move into the more flowy energetic of the second chakra - duality, - relationship (before harmonizing with the heart) - you first need a formed individual self. You don't need to be perfect - nor necessarily totally refined - but you need some grit and sustenance. You need real power, self-worth, the right dose of a me-me attitude and some serious rawness to ‘make it’ on your own.

There is some hustle and bustle here - and Mars is a warrior after all! And this is really what Aries energy is about. As with everything, there are more elevated and more shadowy components that come with this that may need to be integrated - but regardless - this energetic has a sacred purpose.

Libra - ruled by Venus - is associated with the heart chakra. So of course, this speaks to matters of the heart, relationship, justice, fairness, beauty, harmony. With the heart energy - there is so much - but there is a sense of cosmic one-ness - with vastness, multiplicity. But also - where do we compromise ourself to "keep" the peace.. when maybe it's not peaceful or helpful in a more cosmic sense to our individual purpose (which is never really just individual). So with this dynamic - how do we define ourselves in relation to what we love, what we hold dear? What can be magnified here?

And where do we boundary ourself - too much, too little. How is our intimacy and vulnerability - are we rooted enough to go there? Can we have a healthy functioning heart-based relationship when there are issues with the root?

Themes pertaining to root chakra energetics at this time will be activated - again the self-group dynamic / belonging / shadow around individuality vs. conformity, security, money. How are we sacrificing ourselves for something larger?

In a large way the consciousness level around ‘tribalism’ at this time may be reflected back to us in some interesting ways.

This also echoes the Aries/Libra polarity between the self and the all. And more specifically - how is the ‘all’ - how are ‘others’ - defining you and perhaps eclipsing you - and where do you need to turn that energy around to really be clear and sure what you are working on will yield the harmonic results you desire.

Through boundaries, through focus, through containment. Through tending to our microcosmic bowl of soup - our little pond.

Eclipses and Lunar Nodes

No matter what you have going on in your natal chart or transit wise, all eclipses activate our Lunar Nodes to some extent. Our nodes energetically knot us to this earth plane - and thus they speak to both our destiny (dharma) and karma. The lunar nodes are the primary energetic pump that both feed and drain our life force (plus Aries energy is very raw life force). Take stock of your nodal energetics at any eclipse - but particularly this one in terms of really focusing on yourself and noticing where you need boundaries to create and evolve what you want. This time can be a potent way to see where you can make more specific shifts to really support “you” and your individual energetic evolution during this life.

So that there is a space for YOU and the life YOU want to create to come through! This is an Aries energy folks - and very much all about you, you, you - to achieve an overall harmonic balance - a truly Venusian / Libran quality.


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