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New Moon in Libra Eclipse

Happy Eclipse Season!

This New Moon in Libra Eclipse - highlights the energies we've been navigating over the last 6 months on the Aries - Libra nodal axis, illuminating the individual-collective tensions, shadows and wounds - showing what is out of alignment and what needs to shift.

dusk, low light, illuminated lamp hangs from a silhouette of a tree

Given that we now are in an Aries North Node - and a Libra South Node era - energetic themes surface around reconciling the individual self with others.

Generally speaking, we are not in the astrological moment for templates, external validation and seeing it done by others! This is the time for YOU. Especially with this North Nodal Aries energy flooding us.

Libra reminds us - self-hood is not even possible in the absence of relationship, let alone a larger collective cooperation.

Yet we have primal, individualistic urges that rush through us - Aries. Creative impulses that desire Life.

Aries remind us - that without individuality, without novel ideas, without personal FREEDOM, collective miserable totalitarian experiences, violence, war emerge when individuality cannot be appropriately channeled. Personally - we have dramas, tensions, abuse, heart ache, manipulation, pain, grief, anxiety.

Aries is not an energy to repress, shame, silence or distract without a large mess to clean up. It must be given space to emerge. And some grace to let it sort itself out. Repressed Aries qualities might withdraw into a depressed like state for a time (if they don't immediately flair) - but be sure that on some level - they will erupt.

This eclipse begs the question - is what seems so personal, really so? Our own souls - with our own visions, this is what is needed more than ever. Are we not dreamed, in some way, out of collective desire and collective need?

Individually - we may think our qualities, traits, desires, visions, plans, creatives endeavours do not fit into the world - because we don't see the space for it, the template for it or the example. That's the whole point of this time we are in - that you are the trail-blazer, the leader - sharing something in a new way, with your own twist and spin. You are on your Individuation journey - not only from Mommy and Daddy, but from Civilization.

With the Aries North Node - the more we MOVE INTO OUR INDIVIDUALITY - the more we are ENERGETICALLY NOURISHED, FED and MOVE INTO A HIGHER FREQUENCY. The more we people please, and look outside of us to get approval, or try to do things in a way because you think someone else will like it versus what you actually want to do - you will be drained and challenged, uninspired and tired. You need to do what you want to do, and then if others are not into it, that's perfect because they are not meant to come on this journey with you, and have somewhere else their energies are more needed. Of course, there may be grieving with this. Letting go. Of needing to accept the conditions that go hand-in-hand with your new reality.

And, on this journey, we must be compassionate with ourselves. Many of us learned it was not SAFE to not compromise. It was not safe to be seen, to shine, to really be ourselves. Because in some form - we could be abandoned, abused or shamed. The fear in our bodies is real - and this is an energy we must transmute if we are to move forward. Because..

This energetic time we are in is MOVING US TOWARDS THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, the age of individual expression in service to a more just social whole. It is about individuals tuning into themselves, and bringing power back into themselves, that then results in a functioning, and if all goes well, somewhat utopic social living situations where we do not have the disparities and injustices our current society is riddled with. But the thing is - that I think that many people in this era still do not get - it must really come from within. It cannot be externally applied.

It's not about externally forcing conditions - education, degrees, job titles, positions of power onto people. It's about people discovering their own authority, creating their own lives, sharing their own unique art, visions and medicine, and thus having a ripple effect outwards. It's about turning inwards - and then sharing that vision externally (not to say you won't take further education, or be inspired or see examples - but it may be more partially informed by this). There is no miracle drug. There is no societal structure that can be externally imposed - because this always, inevitably excludes - and this time we are moving into is INCLUSION.

What becomes clear - we must learn to validate ourselves. Because we are creating what has not been created before. What will get validation beforehand is not necessarily new - and not necessarily what is needed. What is needed is the different.

And this eclipse is illuminating where our relationships, where our people pleasing, where our compromise, or our inability to let go of ourselves, or decenter ourselves in some way - gets in the way of us moving forward. Of sharing our gifts. Of really just being happy or content.

After all, we come from a society that tells us - look outside of yourself for the way. Look at what they did. See how loved they are because they did X, Y, Z. They have this car so that means this. That will make you happy.

We are conditioned to feel like we need the template. To see something already completed, to know we ourselves too can do it. We want the example. We want to follow the path. THIS IS NOT THE TIME WE ARE IN. THIS IS THE TIME WE NEED TO LET GO OF.

The medicine of our times is individuality. Authenticity. Of reclaiming our out sourced power. And connecting with a living truth WITHIN. And foregoing those external markers of validation - understanding the accessibility of information, the accessibility of power - is available from WITHIN to all of us.

Now with the energy moving out of the Libra South Node - we are particularly primed to let go of those shadows that keep us playing small, from stifling our individuality, from people-pleasing, from toxic unfortunate dynamics that keep us stuck.

What energies come up around certain relationships or dynamics that keep you playing small? What is currently happening in your life, what are you ready to let go of?


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