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I approach transformational wellbeing eclectically through an integrative lens, intentionally applied to support you in moving closer to a life experience that is deeply aligned. Through my offerings, I  apply astrology and mindbody practices as sacred, transformational tools to open you to the imprint of your soul. It's my experience that providing broader  macrocosmic context to the microcosmic experience of self,  leads to a more nuanced, and empowered understanding, that is extremely validating. With more self-awareness, we are better equipped to navigate our inner and outer lives. By using astrological understanding, I  support individuals in  re-storying themselves into a larger context of Life, that becomes less personal, and more cosmic. I believe that when we invite in a new perspective, we are also creating new neural connections that biologically open us to possibility, change, hope and wonder. ​ I use mindbody tools and practices, to help you shift and integrate energy, that can support you in embodying your potential. My intention is to re-enchant you with the innate wonder of your true nature. And reconnect you with a larger vision of your self. My hope is not that my works gives you  a sense of needing to improve yourself - but rather, that you are ignited with a sense of devotion to the tending of your Self. I do not wield astrology in a superstitious, ominous, or time-desperate way.


2. Root Support - Mindbody Sessions

These on-going 1:1 sessions are here to support you in moving forward, getting unstuck and finding your footing.


You will be supported in identifying and releasing blocks, re-narrating beliefs, thoughts and behavioural imprints.


Together, we can work to find clarity around an area (or multiple) in your life, and lay down a structure for nurturing a larger  vision, whether that's embodying a new reality, or bringing creative or entrepreneural projects to life.

I draw on astrology - and look at things that may be impacting your experience, noting imprinted energies or specific transits that provide information on what may be need to be integrated, depending on what's presenting for you.

I also deeply listen and tune into your experience, and offer my intuitive read on what is presenting and what needs to be shifted.

I integrate somatic practices like tapping, to directly work to deactivate the amygdala and hippocampus activation that occurs when you get stuck in places of fear or resistance. 

And I offer rituals and practices that you can turn to outside of the session to transform energy and move your life forward. 



1. Cosmic Self - Natal Birth Chart Reading

Cosmic Self readings are soul-centred interpretations of your astrological birth chart - a map of the sky based on when and where you were born.

The bespoke readings illuminate how the rich symbolism associated with the planets, zodiac signs and Placidus houses reflect aspects of your personality and soul trajectory. 

The readings are deeply affirming, and bring light to notable gifts, themes and patterns.​

Cosmic Self readings are designed to help you explore your true potential and gain insight into your life’s purpose.

It can provide in-depth clues to patterns of energy you need to integrate to have a more 'smooth' life experience.


You will get to know yourself on a deeper level, and receive personalized guidance on how to best navigate your journey.


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